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At Jena Herbals (U), We Research and Develop Natural Medicine Solutions. We are a herbal medicine company registered in Uganda with a focus on Discovery, Research, Manufacture and Supply of high quality safe and effective natural medicines and health maintenance products from plants grown in Africa. Our products have been tested and registered by the National Drug Authority established under the law of Uganda Act, Cap.206 (2000) Edition to ensure the availability at all times of essential, efficacious and cost effective drugs to the entire population of Uganda as a means of providing satisfactory health care and safe guarding the appropriate use of drugs.


How We Work


    To develop and manufacture quality natural health products to address global health challenges using Indigenous African knowledge, science and technology applying modern scientific approaches.


    The world leader in research, development & manufacture of quality natural health products to serve humanity.

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    Our commitment to result-oriented practices, integrity, collaborative teamwork, pursuit of excellence, and responsible stewardship, embodying a holistic approach to meet your needs with utmost dedication.

Our Story

The inventor of Covidex and 12 other 100% Natural Health products , Serves as Chairman of Jena Herbals Uganda Limited and Associate Professor in the department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. He is also the immediate Past President of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda. Dr. Ogwang, a pharmacist and pharmacologist with a PhD, serves as the Head of the Pharmacy Department.
His groundbreaking research focuses on developing medicines from medicinal plants, resulting in successful remedies like Artavol for malaria prevention and Jenacof for coughs and flu. His contributions extend to areas such as peptic ulcers, diabetes, high blood pressure, and sickle cell disease. Actively engaged in the fight against malaria, Dr. Ogwang played a pivotal role in securing a World Bank grant for a center of excellence at Mbarara University. His accolades, including the "Outstanding Achievement" award from the Ministry of Health, underscore his significant impact on herbal medicine research and healthcare advancement.

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  • Dr. Patrick Ogwang Chairman

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