Jena SM

Supportive treatment on management of sickle cell disease

Jena SM

Contains Zanthoxylum chalybeum, Persea americana and Cymbopogon citratus.

Usage Supports in treating symptoms of sickle cell disease.

Mechanism of Action The product contains 4-hydroxybenzoic acid and other phytochemicals which stabilizes red blood cell membrane. They also increase fetal hemoglobin production.

Dosage Above 12 years – take 15 ml once a day. 5 to 12 years – take 10 ml once a day. 2 to 5 years – take 5 ml once a day. Less than 2 years – Use only on the recommendation of a health worker.

Warning Allergy to any of the ingredients.

Additional Information This product reduces sickle cell crisis and hospitalization rate by 80-90%. It can be consumed with other conventional sickle cell medication like hydroxyurea, folic acid, etc. If symptoms persist, please seek further medical attention.