Liver, kidney and blood supplement


Contains Beta vulgaris and persea americana, persea americana

Usage Supports liver, kidney and blood function.

Mechanism of Action It contains betalains and other bioactive natural compounds like flavonoids and caretonoids. These possess powerful anti-oxidant activity by scavenging free radicals hence reducing oxidative stress on the body. Reduced oxidative stress improves general body health.

Dosage Above 12 years – place 1teaspoon (3 g) in a teacup (250ml) of hot water and take twice daily. 6 to 12 years – take ½ teaspoon (1.5 g) in a teacup (250 ml) of hot water and take twice daily. Less than 6 years – Use only on the recommendation of a health worker. Take for one month or as required.

Warning Allergy to any of the ingredients.

Additional Information If symptoms persist, please seek further medical attention.